Three extraordinary flights.
One extraordinary woman.


Published by Mirror Books
Hardback, £16.99

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The book was launched on March 30th
at the Royal Air Force Club.
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Tracey Curtis-Taylor is renowned as one of Britain’s foremost female adventurers – but she had to fight against the odds to make her dreams come true.

Paying homage to two historic aviators, she made headlines all over the world with three epic flights in a 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane, from Cape Town to Goodwood, Farnborough to Australia, and across the USA.

But it didn’t come easy. With searing honesty and breathtaking detail, Bird tells the remarkable personal story of how she overcame extreme adversity to complete her three remarkable journeys.

From cheating death twice and saving her crew from a firing squad to overcoming a bitter campaign waged by a male-dominated aviation industry; from her relationship with a mysterious French spy to the shocking secret that drove her family apart.

This is the action-packed, inspirational story of a woman who fulfilled her high-flying ambitions, was brought crashing down to earth in more ways than one, yet still survived to tell the tale.


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Due for international release in 2023



A stunning documentary movie on Tracey’s remarkable exploits, is currently in production, nearing completion.

Beautifully shot, the inspiring film will chart her three epic journeys across five continents and show the dedication and engineering expertise required to complete such an incredible series of quests.

Check back soon to watch a clip from the documentary.