2018 Events

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on board 'Rum Jungle' with Dick Turpin with Zara and Mike Tindall and Vivi Turpin on the deck of 'Rum Jungle' with Caroline O'Donnell from Artemis - one of my co-pilots in Africa with Eric Roe - grandson of the famous AV Roe - and Lt Cdr Mike Abbey arrival at Shuttleworth with HRH Prince Michael of Kent Commodore Jock Alexander, Rear Admiral Keith Blount, Prince Michael of Kent and Lt Cdr Mike Abbey Prince Michael of Kent and Mark Burnett RNR The Navy Wings Swordfish and Crew at the Concorde Hangar with the Bagpipers Eric Winkle Brown - our finest test pilot ever - information board at Edinburgh Airport giving a talk under Concorde the newly unveiled statue of Eric Winkle Brown at Edinburgh Airport with Air Cadet Scholarship pilot, Charlotte Peacock Air Cadet Flying Scholarships with Paul Ford - teaching the next generation to build planes with Paul Ford and the Pitts Special with Dj Greenhowe from No 1 Squadron a brace of Stearmans prepping a newly restored Bucker Jungmeister Ewald Gritsch test flying a newly restored Bucker Jungmann my dearly beloved… Bucker Jungmann arriving in the famous Patrick Lindsay 1942 Rolls-Royce Royal Enfield Motorbikes on the Concours Taline Knadjian, Prince Michael of Kent, James Lindsey and the Lindsey Rolls-Royce with Taline Knadjian and that car more Elephants!! Eternal Rhino… a Horse without wings Mike Healy and his astonishing labour of love perfect scaled flying model of my Stearman first public flight at Woodspring Wings Model Air Show Mike Healy and 'our' Stearman Patricia Mawuli Porter at the YES Education Conference at Brooklands 4th of July party at Winfield House with the US Marine Corp prize giving at St Benedict's School, London