Tracey Curtis-Taylor is an aviator in the old fashioned sense of the word and a pilot with an inspired sense of adventure. She is an exceptional self-starter and can speak with eloquence and humour on how she turned her passion for old aeroplanes and flying the world into reality.

Her open-cockpit biplane flight from Cape Town to Goodwood was the realisation of something beyond a dream. It encompassed great adventure and daring in some of the most spectacularly beautiful and dangerous parts of the world today. The Africa flight was a tribute to Lady Heath, the first person to fly solo from the Cape to the UK in 1928, and a celebration of all the pioneering aviators who established the early air routes for what has become the mass travel of today.

Drawing on her unusual flying experiences and a lifetime of adventure, Tracey's story has wide appeal to many audiences. She can tailor the content and tone of her speeches to suit, from pure entertainment to targeted corporate communications.
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  Biplane adventures in Africa
Open cockpit from Cape Town to Goodwood
Pioneering and record breaking aviators
  Feel the fear on regardless
Woman and machine
Woman in a man's world
  High adventure in mid-life - what crisis?    
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Testimonials about Tracey:

I work with speaker clients from all over the world and was first privileged to work with Tracey Curtis
Taylor in June 2014. Tracey is unique, quirky and highly engaging. She is a fabulous speaker with a great
story to tell. I cannot recommend her more highly.
Robin Kermode, Founder of Zone 2 Communications and author of Speak So Your Audience Will Listen

My main reason for inviting Tracey to Aerobility was to inspire our students who struggle with physical or
learning disabilities and it worked! One of our older students who has struggled with severe arthritis and who gave up their flying because of health issues, decided on the talk day to start lessons again as they found Tracey SO inspiring.
Andrea Lowndes, Aerobility, August 2014

Some comments from a recent talk at the Brooklands
British Motorsport and Aviation Museum:

“What a wonderful evening - Tracey was indeed a star from start to finish - BTM speaker stock
definitely on the up....”

“Great talk tonight, amazing person. Clearly found her passion early on in life and followed it.”

“First of all thank you so very much for organising last night’s talk by Tracey Curtis- Taylor.
I have been attending these talks for about five years and must say that her presentation was
the most captivating to date. What a girl! Simply amazing.”

  Left, above:
Tracey speaking at Aerobility,
August 2014

Left, below:
Tracey being presented with
the award for best civilian
aircraft at the 2013 Royal
International Air Tattoo

Tracey with Shirley Corke at
the Northamptonshire County
Federation of WIs' Annual
General Meeting 2014
  Centre, below:
Tracey visits US Air Force at
RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk

Right, above:
Tracey speaking at the Dakota
VC Dinner, House of Commons

Right, below:
Tracey meets Judith Macgregor,
British High Commissioner to
South Africa (left), and Helen
Zille, Premier of the Western
Cape Province, in Cape Town
before the departure of her
Africa flight
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